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Multifilm Packaging offers extrusion, metallizing, de-metallizing (called D-Met), printing, lamination, and slitting all under one roof to serve your flexible packaging needs. Our vertical integration allows us to control every step of the process and supply you with a superior product at a competitive price.

We have two extrusion lines with multi-layer capabilities that allow us to better control stiffness, friction, seal range, and tensile strength. The gauge is automatically adjusted in the die, giving the final products extremely fine tolerances and high quality.

Our in-house metallizer adds an economical and ecological barrier to our bag films and a brilliant shine and elegance to piece-wrapped candy. The metallizer is state of the art with fiber-optic drive control to assure the highest quality. Metallization can be applied to the entire web or in stripes that allow for a unique twist wrap or a transparent window that shows the content of a bag or pouch.

We also offer de-metallization, a process we call
D-Met, which removes metal in a specific pattern, leaving a clear window in a metallized bag.

Flexographic printing is done on wide-web presses, up to 8 colors and 50" maximum web width. We feature state of the art printing equipment from Windmller & Hlscher, which can handle anything from simple line work to complex process jobs with picture-perfect precision (read the press release here, view the installation photo-blog here). A state of the art PrintVision/Jupiter defect detection system allows us to actively monitor print quality by taking continuous snapshots of the web. The images are compared to a master image and any defects are recorded while the operator is alerted.

Lamination is the process where two or more webs of film and/or paper are glued together to provide an increase in barrier or stiffness, or both. Multifilm added a high-speed Nordmeccanica solvent-free laminator in the Fall of 2006. It is capable of running at 1,300ft/min and provides destruct bonds. We have also decided to use only isocyanides free systems, all in line with Multifilm's commitment to the environment and safety to its employees and customers.

Several high-speed slitters cut the film to its final width on three-inch or six-inch diameter cores. Our slitters are state-of-the-art high-speed turret slitters from Bielloni and Deacro. An automatic roll management system offloads the rolls and keeps downtime to a minimum, which is ideal for large volume runs.


Multilayer extrusion of CPP, LDPE
Flexo printing up to 8 colors on state of the art W&H equipment
Metallize full web,
D-Met or stripe metallization
Lamination of film and paper, solvent-free or water-based.
High speed slitting, wide and narrow web
Continuous quality monitoring


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